Outsourcing – A Roadmap for the Future

Which are the clear signs and trends showing us about expectable Outsourcing evolution path over the next few years?

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The internet and Cloud-based IT Infrastructure Offering Portfolio has grown exponentially.

Developing markets, mainly in South East Asia (SEA) are expected to enter accelerated development cycles that will resort to Outsourcing

Outsourcing will focus on Automated AI-powered services



CEO outsourcing

Going after the best of the best

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Does the idea seem that much ackward to you?

What would you benefit from having more than consulting, or coaching constant steering from someone with an exceptional track record at steering companies for several years?

Make or Buy

How to know if its time to Outsource

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Every company should have a Business Plan. And I don’t mean the kind that you create when starting up or trying to gather additional investment, but the “working tool” kind.

Something that you revisit on a quarterly basis to assess if any adjustment is required or you are still on track.

One main topic to look for pertains what can be bought instead of internally produced.

Why KPIs?

Why should you define KPIs towards your Outsourced services

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A Key Performance Indicator is an assertively measurable data point which accurately represents up to which extent a given service or tool is performing towards meeting inherent established objectives.

The relevancy of defining and having in place appropriate KPIs pertains the accuracy degree with which you can assess how successful a given service is.