Outsourcing Sales
Outsourcing Sales

Get a Rainmaker

Wait, don’t go away just yet!

Most Entrepreneurs and Business People would be gone by now. Giving to someone else the keys to my client base? Really? Out of the question!

All right, I can give you that Outsourcing doesn’t come easy.

We are genuinely afraid that the other person won’t be able to do things as good as we do, until the second or third time in a row where they prove us to be wrong. When it comes to sales, everything escalates in terms of insecurity:

  • Will he/ she be so bad that prospects just run away?
  • Can he/ she convey the value proposition in a proper manner?
  • Will the clients become his/ her clients and not mine?
  • Will he/ she ultimately steal my clients and move on?

Well, one thing is for sure, there will always be risks in Outsourcing (whatever it is that you Outsource), as well as a “fine tuning” cycle until you get the right support towards your needs.

Now, let’s begin by focusing on why one Outsources shall we? Amongst other reasons, one basically Outsources due to:

  • Time Constraints – The day should have more hours because time is just not enough to accomplish everything that needs to be done, but creating an internal team requires a steady client base that assures a steady revenue stream that supports it.
  • Business Focus – At a given point in a Business life the entrepreneur needs to move from an operator to a business owner perspective and that means to “stop doing” and to “start managing”.
  • Expertise – Although there is the initial fear of hiring a “low performer” and therefore jeopardizing the business, everyone deeply knows that there is someone out there that excels at whatever we need to be done, being more knowledgeable and efficient at it than we could ever be.
  • Profitability – Our own time as Business Owners and Entrepreneurs has a higher cost than the hourly rate applicable to other specific walks of life, therefore, it is more profitable to hire each expert profile at its own rate, than to have a Management Profile writing a report or spending time on the phone attempting to schedule meetings.

Now coming back to sales, ever heard the terms “Sales Representative”, “Agent”, “Broker”, “Commercial Agents”?

These are all “old school” long established Sales Outsourcing synergies well known to our market. No news here!

Sales have been outsourced for decades now, all around us.


If you look at the U.S. marketplace a simple bottle of any given “bubble drink” is called “a soda” in the Southwest, “a pop” in the north of the country and in Southeast that same drink, no matter the brand will be called “a coke”. This example serves the purpose of illustrating the relevancy of having someone in your team who speaks that specific market’s geography language, while having the right contacts in place (so someone local).

These are generally called “rainmakers” (in fact money makers).

trust and recommendation

How to find a rainmaker?

You want to get someone who knows your target market vertical, so typically, the best immediate choice will be to go after someone who has started his/ her career in sales and moved up the ladder having become a regional sales manager for some company with a portfolio within the same context as yours.

These persons have had their share of traveling around while single, and now having become experienced, knowledgeable about the offering and market vertical needs/ pains and having a family of their own, are not so interested in spending long periods of time away from home.

They have the established empathic business relations with dozens of regional potential clients of yours and they are professional sales people who will leverage your value proposition to get the deal.

Another place to look is amongst people who use to take orders at a distributor’s office. These are sometimes forgotten “rainmakers” who have a great leverage factor. Not having been active sales people, meaning instead of getting in touch with prospects and clients while trying to close a deal, these people would receive phone calls or emails from prospects and clients that needed something at a given point in time. This means that they are perceived by prospects and clients as someone who healed their pain instead of someone who tried to sell them something and that accounts for a higher receptiveness status, which may lead to an easier first sale (for your product/ service).

The “cherry on top” would be to get successful techie former pre-sales people. These are perceived by former clients as the assertive problem solvers. Someone with high expertise and technical knowledge who if saying that a given product or solution is the best, that just means it is.

On sharing

Do not be afraid of sharing your “Sales Rep” with other companies as long as they are neither your competitors nor “wind makers” (meaning companies that do not deliver as promised).

If you manage to find a “rainmaker sales rep” who is “promoting” towards his/ her contacts base a set of products/ solutions/ services that are complementary to your portfolio, that is the best way to leverage continuous business growth within such prospects base.

So, do look for sharing potential instead of going after exclusivity!

Credibility leverage

Besides the sale itself, one the most difficult things to establish is Brand Awareness and Credibility.

This is so true that in all the success stories the Brand became the USP (Unique Selling Proposition), having managed to be identified with quality and reliability, like Toyota, Porsche, Coca-Cola, other.

Establishing a Brand requires several deals where as many clients have become highly satisfied with the product or service and become to trust unequivocally in that specific offering.

But there is another way, as long as your product or service delivers as promised and which drastically shortens the entire cycle; leveraging the “Rainmaker's” credibility towards the prospective client.

Bottom line

If you try to do all the sales by yourself, you will both let opportunities escape, since you can only be in one place at a time as well as your effort will include gaining prospects trust.

If you hire sales people you will raise your overhead, having now a team to be managed and coached which is time-consuming.

If outsource to a “Rainmaker”, you will be onboarding someone who clients trust, will generate not only business but a synergy effect that leverages potential deals while not requiring any type of managing or coaching, just a regular touch base.

Do yourself a favor and strongly consider outsourcing your sales!

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