Outsourcing Sales

Get a Rainmaker

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We are genuinely afraid that the other person won’t be able to do things as good as we do, until the second or third time in a row where they prove us to be wrong.

Well, one thing is for sure, there will always be risks in Outsourcing (whatever it is that you Outsource), as well as a “fine tuning” cycle until you get the right support towards your needs.

If outsource to a “Rainmaker”, you will be onboarding someone who clients trust, will generate not only business but a synergy effect that leverages potential deals while not requiring any type of managing or coaching, just a regular touch base.

Outsourcing to AI - How will it be

The amazing times to come

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AI is tightly connected to one other Technologic recent evolution (although the conceptual scope is not new), which is Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Per definition, RPA is constituted by coding which allows with or without mechatronics integration (robotic physical machines), to partially or fully automate human activities which are manual, repetitive and rule-based. In doing so, RPA allows companies to Outsource towards a fully automated workflow, business processes that are clearly definable and repeatable.

What is sensible to Outsource

If you are about to start something new, think of sharing the workload

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Let’s look at Brian; he is willing to invest in his own business, becoming an entrepreneur.


After some heavy, laborious and long thinking process, market analysis and financial simulations, Brian decided to become a niche expert shoe maker, allowing clients to have personalized shoes tailor made with the very best materials and bearing prime quality. This seems to be a niche market with high demand and therefore potential high Return on Investment and profit margins.

Having attended several presentations, events and lectures on entrepreneurial endeavor and industry trends and processes he realized that developing from scratch all that was required would prove to be a “ginormous” task which by itself was likely to consume more than one year of his time plus all the money he did not have until it became (if it did) a reality.

The AI Revolution

Some amazing AI perspectives - that are actually facts

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In 2011 an experiment opposed humans to AI over understanding what a blurred image represented, at that time human error rated at 5% while AI at 26%. The experiment was repeated in 2013 and AI error margin dropped to 3%.

January 2017, AlphaGo beats the best Go player in the world. Why is it relevant? Go is the most difficult game humans have created, it has more permutations in terms of possible moves than all the atoms that have been calculated to exist in the known universe!

Outsourcing – The Cultural Effect

As humans, we are equal but culturally we couldn’t be more different and … thank God for that!

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Culture is defined as “the values, beliefs, behaviors, and norms that shape and reflect the basic worldview and way of life shared by a group of people.” 

When you decide to Outsource a given task, besides having in consideration the specific required expertise, you should also map the cultural perspective inherent to the potential Outsourcing geographies.