Outsourcing in Plain Numbers

How John the freelancer became John the business man through Outsourcing

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This is a short example of how in concrete numbers the synergy of Outsourcing the tasks that one is not stronger at as well as the ones that do not add direct value to business growth, having them handled by expert resources can prove to be "the way" to expand and grow

Meet John and his success story

Venezuela the new Outsourcing Eldorado

Are you concerned with ethics? What if you are really helping instead of wrongdoing?

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The largest Oil reserves were discovered in Venezuela in the early 20th century, yet the country was not able to leverage such treasure into structuring its future.

Currently, for someone to be paid in US dollars while getting almost 7 times the current country minimum wage, it is something very worthwhile.

We are on the dawn of an Outsourcing Revolution

And, Insourcing is likely to not see the light again, anytime soon

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The late 1980s witnessed the dawn of Outsourcing which started its consolidation process in the early 1990s, initially though having services like Call Center/ Service Desk and Back Office moved from in-house teams to 3rd party providers who begun to focus their Core Business in such services.

The new millennium witness yet another expansion of Outsourcing which now moved into the IT Operations Landscape, also comprehending the support towards live Core Business Applications.


Outsourcing 2030

Outsourcing goes Standard

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We are moving towards the world where the millennials will look at outsourcing, nearshoring, offshoring, onshoring as merely “work” and not as trends, tendencies or innovative value propositions.

Outsourcing is not a trend, it is a growing source of labor within the marketplace and given the natural market supply and demand dynamics, Freelancing will be the main occupation of the Millennials that reach a higher degree of expertise in their fields of competence.