The Multiverse of Multisourcing

Better than Outsourcing, go for Multisourcing

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The definition of Multisourcing had it’s origin from the IT landscape when some large companies decided to Outsource several components of their IT Services to distinct 3rd party providers. One would take care of the ERP support and inherent user services while other would be entrusted with the Local and Wide area Network (LAN and WAN), plus yet another one would assure the Service Desk and so on …

The Real cost of Offshoring

Do you think Offshoring is always cheaper?

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Offshoring seems to be a “Huge Idea”, after all, you pay much less than if directly hiring or nearshoring, right?

A typical case of potential Offshoring is India, where in the past one could find highly skillful resources bearing a very low price tag. That lead to growing demand which (according to market laws) implied rates started to rise. In fact, over the last decade, the labor cost in India has been rising at an average of 15% per year.


The Evolution of Outsourcing Marketplaces

From Blind Dating to Matchmakers

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Currently, there are dozens of Outsourcing Marketplaces where freelancers and companies alike may search for Outsourcing best matches towards fulfilling their business needs and aspirations.

Between 10 and 5 years ago, a freelancer would have to entice several types of initiatives to search for a potential contractor.

We can say that roughly over the last 5 years, an on-line based Outsourcing Services market vertical has exponentially grown, even with some mergers and acquisitions taking place over such period of time.

And now we have reached the Concierge Platforms era.

Time Zone Arbitrage in Outsourcing

Do you exclude offshoring outsourcing services due to different time zones?

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Some companies refrain or simply exclude the option of hiring freelancers or Outsourcing services from some geographies due to time zone differences or because the local culture is perceived not to incorporate either a methodic work development approach or the same Quality standards as per one’s own client's requirements.

What if Outsourcing from literally across the world means getting ahead of the competition?

Why you really need a VA

How can you grow your business by hiring a VA (Virtual Assistant)?

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Any and all businesses comprehend several types of tasks, from producing and delivering whatever product or service you do, to issuing invoices or performing sales contacts during the sales cycle, developing Marketing initiatives and so many others …

It is just an overwhelming context in which to attempt a “one man show”