🤯 Deep work

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🤯 Deep work

I bring to you links about creating a static site with GitHub, distraction-free work, and the JAMStack.

Hello Hello!

“Question: Why did the programmer quit her job?
Answer: Because she didn’t get arrays.”

🤣 source: DevDojo

Today I bring to you links about creating a static site with GitHub, distraction-free work, and the JAMStack.

  1. Creating a static website in GitHub

    🌐 GitHub is an online code repository that can host projects, mostly related to coding. It uses Git as the version control system.

    However do you know that you can also host static websites for free on GitHub? As a developer, you should start thinking about having your online portfolio, if you don’t have one yet.

    GitHub is a place that you can store a static site for free and this video will show you how.

    I did mine - this is just a test site for now.

    In the near future I will talk about how to host a blog on GitHub.

  2. Deep Work

    🤯 Very good blog post talking about the topic of two books that I have read: Deep Work and Essentialism.

    Deep work is the ability to focus on a distraction free task. The author of this blog post shares his personal strategy on how he goes about setting deep work time on his daily schedule.

    I wish that you are able to set aside good deep work chunks of time in 2023

  3. What is the JAMStack?

    📚 This is a video from my buddy James Q Quick where he explains what is the JAMStack.

    Anytime you have the work “stack” it means that it is a collection of technologies that come together to build solutions. For example: .net stack, mean stack, mern stack, lamp stack and many more.

    Get to know what the JAMStack is all about and have a look at these predictions about it for 2023. It may give you an idea on what to focus if you want to learn a new technology.

My personal update:

  • 💪 My first week of 2023 was super-productive! I stick to most of my commitments including the book writing pace. I hope I feel the same by the end of next week with kids going back to school and myself back to teaching.

  • 🏂 Taking my younger daughter to go snowboarding today. I need some skiing lessons before my adventure starts, but not today.

  • 🙌 A special welcome to my 133 students of Programming II for the Winter semester! Looking forward to a great semester together!

“Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.” — Robin Sharma.

Cheers, hasta la vista and bye!

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