Recap: #20 - LaTonja King: Online Business Management
#20 - LaTonja King: Online Business Management

Helping Companies to understand Why growth is not as expected and What to do

LaTonja introduces OBM (Online Business Management) as the nationwide trend of the moment. The profile is not to be misinterpreted as similar a Virtual Assistant or a Project Manager; the OBM is, in fact, a virtual Business Manager that focus on a strategic approach towards companies’ challenges.

One added value task by an OBM is to perform Business Audits towards corporate processes (like training), programs (like Marketing) or documentation (such as Financial Statements) and point out as well as propose mitigation actions towards any non-compliances that may be found.

But HOW can that be done remotely?

LaTonja explains that Step1 consists of a detailed Business Audit which maps every process and initiative in detail to assess why is the company not growing as it was expected.

One area of focus is to assess if the tools being used and paid for (like Software) are the appropriate ones (cost/ benefit wise) and if “a cannon is being used to kill a fly”, the advice is to scale down, and some alternatives are proposed.

The VA is an expert in execution, outperforming at a lower cost an internal resource at some specific on-going set of activities while an OBM is a Strategic Consultant who looks at the corporation with an external perspective and proposes a strategic change.

A concrete example

A specific company was not being able to launch a product due to several circumstances and the LK Execs team stepped in, went through the Business Model assessing the main requisites which were not being met, then proceed with sourcing (manufacturing partners, marketing, funding and other) ended up supporting the company to overcome the challenge.

Which Skill set is required to provide OBM services?

LK Execs counts with Business Managers, Lawyers, Project Manager, Writers, Copy Writers, Social Media Guru, Branding Guru and Web Designers. Plus, also in Outsourcing, some VAs who can be used to support a change process when the company does not have available internal resources.

The team is composed of experts from distinct geographies, from the UK to the U.S., Mexico as well as other geographies.

LaTonja submits all new collaborators to a set of tests and interviews as well as a 30-day trial period.

The main characteristics to become a member of the team comprehend being a Team Player, being open to constructive criticism and growth.

One constant activity is making collaborators feel good and motivated

Communication is key when concerning keeping a team focused and on board, therefore the company has a regular weekly schedule of internal status and follow-up meetings.

Facebook? Really? … Well, why not?!

LaTonja confides that she mostly gets her team members from niche Facebook Groups, like VAs Group and other.

Now as an Outsourcing Services Provider

Not every client is a potential since the client must be willing to “open his heart” and the company details to a third-party entity. And, not everyone is.

Also, the required detail while providing OBM support implies not taking on more than three clients simultaneously.

Having women as prime clients relate to the need of LaTonja identifying herself with the client and the business, she clearly states that in order to do a proper value adding job, she needs to feel her client’s pains as aspirations.

A good client is one that listens and is willing to change

Client’s also undergo a 3-month trial period to mutually assess if the working relationship is proving to add value or not.

After having worked with several clients some lessons have been learned and one is always to ask who and how many people are decision makers and stakeholders in the company and meeting them. This is the only way to avoid bad surprises like all the sudden someone shows up who doesn’t agree with basically anything that has been done.

Don’t be afraid to take risks, invest and grow

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