Recap: #3 - Interview with Evaldas Miliauskas on Outsourcing Transcription Services
#3 - Interview with Evaldas Miliauskas on Outsourcing Transcription Services

How Transcription Outsourcing works. Support tools like Zapier, Google Drive, Trello and others. The conversation with Evaldas Miliauskas from is a transcription services provider focused on podcasters that was created by a former software engineer (as Evaldas calls himself “a systems and processes guy”) who, being an avid podcast listener, decided to launch his entrepreneurial momentum towards supporting this area by performing transcriptions that may easily be used in several platforms such as a website or email content or even video subtitles.

How did the idea sparked in your head?

While listening to a business podcast, Evaldas found himself thinking about what was missing in the podcasting transcription landscape (what was the problem to be solved), since there was definitely a market demand for such services.

One way to decide on what to invest in is to look at the market and assess what is selling while having still some PTBS (problems to be solved).

Why to transcribe a podcast?

A Podcast production may cost a lot of money and having a transcription makes cleared which parts need being cut, which really helps to have the production better prepared. Also some listeners want to cross reference the podcast with its written form and additionally it can be used to transport the content to other platforms, like the creation of a blogpost.

How to evaluate a transcription?

Evaldas confesses to having struggled initially with it, for he was himself new to the entire topic, nevertheless setting deadlines is a good way to assess reliability. And then it doesn’t take much to get someone else to proofread the transcription, hence ensuring minor mistakes are also tackled.

Productized Services are services that have a process structure behind which enables a certain automation degree and therefore can be sold as a product.

Evaldas proceeds to explain his company work process with visual support and exemplifying the use of aforementioned tools.

And what about being an Outsourcing client?

Outsourcing is the pivot point of Evaldas entire activity. Having started by hiring a VA to help with onboarding clients, moving for audio editing outsourcing, followed by design, transcribers and other profiles.

When asked about “horror stories”, Evaldas pointed out the tendency of freelancers to vanish into thin air. And the quest that follows in attempting desperately to find them (some never “re-surface” again).

It is hard to find a reliable freelancer who can decide on his/ her own and easy one’s burden.

Are there still things that you find hard to let go and Outsource?

Customer acquisition is vital and one needs to be on top, deciding which channels work best to reach out for potential clients, on the other hand and running operations wise the effort is to automate and delegate as much as possible.

Sort out what problem you can solve and then you have a Business Model to explore.

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