ChatGPT - The robots are taking over

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 ChatGPT - The robots are taking over

I bring to you links about a revolutionary AI tool, taking smart notes, and coding puzzles to help you with job interviews.

Hello Hello!

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Today I bring to you links about a revolutionary AI tool, taking smart notes, and coding puzzles to help you with job interviews.

  1. Chat AI

    Last Wednesday, three friends of mine who dont know each other and all have a coding background reached out to me between 7am and 10am, all raving about ChatGPT. I was initially skeptical, but I respect these three people a lot, so if they were all excited about it independently, I figured it must be worth checking out.

    ChatGPT works by prompting users to ask it questions or request certain tasks. As an example, I had it review and edit the descriptions for this newsletter, and it did a great job. The edited version of my writing that youre reading now was done by ChatGPT, and even the joke at the beginning of the newsletter was written by it (is it the right pronoun to use?).

    Ill stop my description here, as its probably better if you see it in action. You can try ChatGPT out for yourself, and its free.

    AI is no longer just a future technology; its here now. As knowledge workers, we need to consider how we can stay relevant in a world where AI is easily accessible.

    Are you concerned about your future work? Hit reply and let me know.

  2. Smart note-taking

    Ive been using Evernote for note-taking for 12 years, and I have 12,507 notes as of today. I use it for everything from daily task lists and writing a book, to organizing teaching materials and planning trips.

    However, Ive found that Evernote has become a place where notes are easily forgotten, and ideas can be lost. Theres no simple way to link notes or keep them in my radar so I dont forget them.

    Enter Obsidian. This app allows you to link notes together and visualize how theyre related to each other. It uses the markdown file based system, so youll always be able to access your notes even if Obsidian goes away.

    Obsidian is free to use on desktop and mobile, though there is a cost for syncing across devices. If youre interested in taking your note-taking to the next level, you may want to explore the Zettelkasten approach, which Im starting to experiment with myself.

    Heres an intro video to Obsidian to give you an idea of how the tool works.

  3. Coding puzzles

    妝 I came across this site many years ago, but it got forgotten in my notes (Bad Evernote!). It resurfaced last week when I was reading about coding challenges. I created an account and started to play around.

    This site has coding challenges where you can practice your coding skills in any language you choose. I highly recommend it to keep your skills sharp and prepare for coding questions in job interviews.

My personal update:

  • Book writing: I have been keeping up with my writing schedule. From Monday to Friday, I write at least 250 words a day. This is roughly a page a day. It is very hard to beat procrastination, but very rewarding as well.
    I am now working with a professional book editor. He sent me the first chapter revised and did a great job! However, with ChatGPT I may not need him anymore. Not sure if this is good or bad though . What do you think?

  • Reflection Week: Next week will be slow as Im off from college and work. It will be a week to reflect back on 2022 and plan ahead for 2023.

  • Having Christmas Dinner with my kids tonight. They are super excited!

God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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