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In news, Dec 01, 2022


🗣️ Prompt Programming - Talking to AI

I bring to you a hiring event, learning to talk AI, and career options with ecommerce.

In newsletter, Jan 21, 2023

🚀 Boost your career

I bring to you a recording of my presentation about career in tech, a book review, and access to Stack Overflow in prisons.

In newsletter, Jan 14, 2023

🤯 Deep work

I bring to you links about creating a static site with GitHub, distraction-free work, and the JAMStack.

In newsletter, Jan 07, 2023

🎯 Set actionable goals

I bring to you links about career, how to create a tree view with CSS and how to set action-driven goals for 2023.

In newsletter, Dec 31, 2022

🤖 ChatGPT - The robots are taking over

I bring to you links about a revolutionary AI tool, taking smart notes, and coding puzzles to help you with job interviews.

In newsletter, Dec 24, 2022